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Spring Luncheon, 05 March 2019


Finally, yes Finally, the photos of our great luncheon on the shore of our Los Angeles Marina, are now ready for viewing.   Our VP Richard Jewell caught the flu immediately after our Luncheon, so his processing of his photos was delayed until he felt better.   Click HERE and Enjoy!

Holiday Luncheon, 04 December 2018

   We returned to the Penthouse of the Torrance Double Tree Hotel for our annual year end Holiday Celebration of TWA Memories and Friends.


   Click HERE to see the photo album.

Autumn Luncheon, 11 September 2018

   Our Autumn Luncheon was Held at the Long Beach Grand Event Center. 


   Click HERE to see the photo album.

Summer Luncheon, 08 May 2018

   Our Summer Luncheon was a TWA Memorabilia Event at the newly remodeled Proud Bird Restaurant.


   Click HERE to see the photo album.

Spring Luncheon, 13 March 2018

    Our Spring Luncheon was an Irish themed event enjoyed by 84 TWA Ambassadors.  






Click HERE for photos.

Holiday Luncheon, 5 December 2017

     Our Holiday Luncheon was a great success with over 150 TWA employees and family members attending.


     The Double Tree Hotel did their usual outstanding job of decorating and catering.   We had the penthouse suite again, and all enjoyed the great view from that high vantage point.


Click HERE for photos.