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     As a previous TWA employee, you are invited to share information you think will enlighten, entertain and/or re-kindle the wonderful memories of TWA and TWA People.   Share your stories and photos of people doing their job, plus photos of TWA airports.   We all know what TWA aircraft looked like, so photos of just airplanes will not be used.   Please identify people within photos.  


     Please send stories via e-mail, and photos as an e-mail attachment.   Please don't just put TWA in the subject line of your e-mail, put something like "TWA memories for the website."   Click on FROM OUR MEMBERS to see how your contribution will be displayed.   FROM OUR CO-WORKERS is dedicated to those who are NOT members of the LAX Club.


     Also, if you have a current photo of yourself, send it along too.   Yes, I know, you're not as thin as you were when working at TWA, and you probably had more hair, and more teeth ... but, I'm sure you still look FABULOUS; so hopefully a current photo will also be attached.

Ed Flisher
Retired Captain, TWA & AA
I thought I would pass this article along.  
It describes a new Gallery at Smithsonian’s Air & Space Museum that will open in 2022.

The new Museum gallery tells stories of people who built the airlines and the stories of people who keep them running today.


I think this is a tribute to all the TWA people, especially those who are current and past members of TWA Ambassadors.  They are the people who kept everything running smoothly at TWA.
America By Air .. The People Behind The Pilots .. Click HERE
America By Air .. A New Gallery Takes Shape ..... Click HERE

Brian Pritchard

LAX Reservations


... found a one minute history of TWA on the internet, Click HERE.

Judy Stegall

LAX Reservations Agent

LAX Reservations Supervisor


... would like to remind (or introduce to) everyone, that there is a web site strictly dedicated to finding others who worked for TWA.   This site, started in 2002, was before any Facebook type program; and contains room for e-mail address and more.   If you enter your TWA information, they will send you a certificate (like a diploma) of your TWA time, suitable for framing.   Be sure to check in montly, and keep the information about yourself updated.   For those of you that do not wish to do Facebook and get lost in all their links ... this might be what you are looking for to keep TWA friendships alive.


Click HERE for your link to TWAlive.