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Westbound Departures

Passenger List Of Westbound LAXTW RES Agents
Compiled by LAX CLUB Ambassador Brian Pritchard
LAXTW RES Agents Flown West 06JAN20.pdf
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Wanda Clemmer, 89


LAX Reservation Agent


... departed West on 13 February from ABQ on a Starstream Jet in Royal Ambassador First Class.

Derek Wellington, 60

LAX Reservations

LAX Airport Ticket Agent

... departed West on 25 February onboard a TWA Jet in Royal Ambassador First Class

Joe Boylan, 100


LAX Sales Department


... departed West on 17 Jan 2023, from LAX on a TWA Star Stream 747 in Royal Ambassador First Class.

Dan St Clair, 80


LAX Ramp Service

LAX Passenger Services

LAX Agent In Charge


... departed West in June 2022


Ann Lahr                  20 AUG 2022


Airport Customer Service Agent



... departed West onboard a Super Starstream TWA Jet in Royal Ambassador First Class, 20 August.


Jim Lahr & Family

1996 N Lake Mead, Orange CA 92867

John Izzo                  06 JUL 2022


LAX Inflight Dir of Cust Serv (DCS)


... departed West 06 July

George Michael Paine, 87


SFO LAX Reservation Supervisor

TWA Years: 33 From 1966-1999


... departed West from Marysville, CA, on 11 June 2022

Bill Spooner


LAX Reservations Supervisor


... departed West on 04 April 2022 in Poway CA (San Diego County).

JoAnn Sykes, 87        28 MAR 2002      28 MAR 22


LAX Flight Attendant

LAX Speakers Bureau


... departed West on 27 March 2022.

She was a flight attendant onboard the first 707 trans con flight from LAX to JFK.

Donna Kihara                MAR 2022


LAX Reservations

Queen Williams        18 JAN 2022


LAX Reservations



Regina Ormsby, 67


LAX Reservations Agent


... departed West on 06 November aboard a luxury Starstream jet in Royal Ambassador First Class.


Her 18 month battle against an aggresive cancer has ended and now she is Traveling With Angels.

Constance Malouff, 88


LAX Account Manager


.. departed West from Trinidad,CO.

Roseann Rutz


ABQ LAX TW Reservation Agent

ABQ UA Airport Service Agent


... departed West on a Luxury TWA Starstream Jet in Royal Ambassador First Class, on 11 October 2021, of non-covid related cancer.



Allen Haag

TW Service: 25 Years


... departed West during the month of May 2021.


LAX Reservations

MCI Airport

IAH Airport

JFK Ground Services Manager

Jesse Hikoichi Tao, 85

TWA 31 Years


LAX Aircraft Mechanic


... departed West from Santa Clara, CA on 28 May 2021

Patricia Ouwehand, 87

TWA 30 Years


LAX Reservations

LAX City Ticket Office - Disneyland


... departed West on 11 May 2021 from Surprize AZ.  

Frank Duffy                   15 AUG 2021


LAX Customer Service Agent


... departed West on 16 August 2021

Spouse of LAX Reservation Agent Joann Duffy

Patricia Kushner                                                     10 JUL 2021


NYC LAX Reservations, 1969 - 1985


... departed West on 10 July 2021 from Orange County.

Johanna Keyzer      04 JUL 2021

TWA 1964-1988 = 34 Years


STL LAX Ground Hostess

STL LAX Customer Service Agent

LAX Baggage Service Agent

... departed west on 29 JUN onboard a TWA Starstream Jet, following a year long battle with Liver Cancer

Jim O'Hara, age 93  20 SEP 2020


BDL LAX Saudi Arabia 1963 - 1980

Ground Operations


... departed West onboard a TWA Starstream Jet in Royal Ambassador First Class, on September 20 in STL.


He worked at TWA for many years in the United States and Saudi Arabia (75-80) after his time in the U.S Army and serving in World War 2. He leaves behind his wife Edith O'Hara whom he was married to for 70 years, 1 daughter, 7 sons, numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.


Condolences: Brendon Roatch-Cardenas at: "bgrcardenas@gmail.com"

                                                  28 JUN 2020


Grayce Ann Hollenbeck, 88



Reservation Agent, 29 Years


... departed West onboard a TWA Starstream jet in Royal Ambassador First Class.




Cards may be sent to:

The Hollenbeck Family, 827 E. Rose Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Ron Elloie, 79                  22 JUN 2020


LAX Ramp Service, 36 Years

LAX Skycap


... departed West on 17 June 2020


To view the obituary ... click HERE

Betty Ludwig                                            15 MAY 2020
Reservations LAX
... departed west on 23 Feb 2020.  She had fallen and broke her hip. She departed west just before being moved to a re-hab center.

Julie Overholtz Varley, 59


LAX Reservations 1980's


... has now departed west due to an automobile accident on 15 April 2020.


Click HERE for a news article of the incident.   Photo is from her Facebook page.

Sandy Arnold-Murphy 06 JAN 20


LAX Reservations


... flew west from LAS on Christmas Day, from effects of a recent stroke. 


Click HERE to view the Obituary and Personal History.

 Muriel Fernandez      24 NOV 2019


LAX Reservations


... flew west on November 19th, after a long fight with cancer.

Herbert Kovasznay, 77                           01 OCT 2019


LAX Reservations


... flew West, 04 September 2019


Anna Kovasznay
8710 West Evelyn Lane, Apt 204

Chicago IL 60656

Mike Sanchez        POSTED SEP 2019


LAX Reservations, Supervisor

Marine Sergeant, Vietnam War


... departed west recently.

Linda Anicich Labrecque                          SEP 2019


LAX Reservations 1960s 1970s


... has departed west recently.

Vera Reichardt Tomei


LAX Reservations, Supervisor

BUR Airport Manager


... departed West on July 1st 2019.

Ras Newsome


Manager, STL Reservations

Manager, LAX Reservations


... departed west during the month of May 2019.

Rick Rowe




Click HERE for details of his boarding a westbound flight.

on 28 December 2018.

Rebecca Yang


LAX Reservation Agent


... boarded a westbound flight on 30 December 2018.

No other information has been provided.

Aurelia Hovell


Reservations Agent:

Chicago .. July 1968 - June 1976

Los Angeles .. June 1976 - December 1985.


Daughter, Soraya Hovell
5050 East End
Apt 11A
Chicago, Illinois 60615 

Bob Wade


STL Ticket Agent

ONT Station Manager

SNA Station Manager


... flew West 28 June 2018 of lung cancer.


Mrs. Carrie Wade

14230 S. Via Horma ...Sahuarita, AZ 85629

Ron Green


LAX Commissary

LAX Based Director of Customer Service (DCS)


... departed West on 01 August 2018

Eszter Moritz, 86


LAX Teletype Operator

LAX Reservations


... has departed West onboard a luxury TWA Starstream Jet in Royal Ambassador First Class.  Eszter escaped communist Hungary in 1956 and soon thereafter became a US Citizen.   She departed westbound on 24 June 2018, from her home in Palm Desert; due to the aggressive Alzhimers disease.  

Will Stallbaumer


LAX Reservation Agent

LAX STL LAS Customer Service Agent


... departed West on TWA from LAS on March 09, 2018.   He lost his battle with COPD.



Phil Stowers, 2612 Solar Corona Lane, Henderson NV 89044


For a direct link to the published obituary click HERE.

Dotty Menga Gary


LAX Reservation Agent


... departed west from Las Vegas on 26 February 2018.


She will be buried in Las Vegas beside her husband who departed West 2 years ago.


Son: Sal Menga, 702-355-0475

10921 Mill Cove Ave, Las Vegas NV 89134

Mike Eaton


The club just learned of Mike's departure.

No past or future dates received.

Cayler Lee Carter


The club just learned that Cayler did depart West recently.


Ralph Mays

LAX Mechanic


The club just learned of Ralph's departure.

No past or future dates received.

Linda O'Donnell

LAX Reservations in the 1970's


Flew  West on September 11, 2017 of brain cancer.


Husband: Tim Palmer

4119 Belinda St, Simi Valley CA 93063

Randy Kramer, 93
April 26, 1924 --- August 11, 2017
Our Mr TWA .. Our LAX airport ambassador has departed the airport on board a TWA Starstream Jet in Royal Ambassador First Class.   He is survived by his wife Sally, his children Michael, Brian and Susan. 

For thousands of passengers passing through the TWA terminal at LAX in the late twentieth century, the highlight of the trip was meeting a dapper retired pilot, Captain Randy Kramer, who roamed the departure lounges and Ambassador Club, engaging people with warmth and humor. Everyone knew him as Captain Randy and for three decades, he was the beloved greeter and chief ambassador of TWA.

Bill Ryba

LAX Airport Operations


Departed West: 03 July, 2017.

Shirley Chaney
LAX Reservations
Shirley passed on June 2, 2017.

Ed All, 84

1960's: LAX Reservations

1970's: LAX Cargo Reservations Information Center

1980's: LAX Air Frieght Customer Service

Retired: 01 May 1997


... departed West in Royal Ambassador First Class on April 7, 2017 at his residence in Gilbert, AZ.


Former club member who used to sing Auld Lang Syne at every club Christmas Luncheon.


Surviving is his wife, Connie plus his two children, a daughter and a son.

Vanoy Scott, 78

TWA 1969 - 2002

LAX Reservation Agent TW

LAX Reservation Supervisor TW

LAX Airport Operations TW AA

... departed West in Royal Ambassador First Class on Friday, March 17th 2017.   Vanoy was married to fellow TWA Reservation Agent Annette Smith.

Res Reunion 2002

Gloria Yuen, 88

LAX Reservations, 17 Years


... flew West in Royal Ambassador First Class on February 19th.

Joan Beaton, 79

LAX Reservations, 1978 to 1989


... flew West on December 7th 2016

"E.P." Powell,

Ramp Service, LAX


... flew West in Ambassador First Class on October 20th.

Dale John Collard, 69

LAX TW & AA, 35 years.


Departed west 17 September 2016


Anna Mae Woodworth

LAX Reservation Agent


... has flown West on 17 August 2016

Bert Franson

LAX Trans World Airlines
Departed West on May 28, 2016.

Ed Williams

LAX Trans World Airlines
LAX Alaska Airlines
... has flown West in Royal Ambassador First Class on June 2, 2016

James Regis Murphy, 85

LAX Customer Service Agent
LAX Ramp Service Agent
LAX Cargo Service Agent
... has flown West in Royal Ambassador First Class on May 10, 2016

Kaycee Hooper Mesina


LAX Reservations Agent
LAX Sales Department
LAX Director of Customer Service
" DCS - Narrow Body Aircraft
LAX Manager Automation Dept
" Western United States
... has flown West in Royal Ambassador First Class.
Click on above photo to enlarge.

Kathy Macias Underwood

LAX Reservations Agent
... lost a long battle with cancer, and has flow West in Royal Ambassador First Class, March 2016

Maureen Giannini

LAX Reservations Agent
... departed West in Royal Ambassador First Class on 05 December 2015

Judy Bell Warne

LAX Reservations Agent
... departed West in Royal Ambassador First Class, February 2016.

Colleen Ryckman Daley

LAX Reservations Agent
... departed West in Royal Ambassador First Class, on Thursday, 07 January 2016, from Port Angeles, Washington.

Jeff Black, 74

LAX Reservations Manager
NYC Senior Director, Sales & Reservations
... departed west on Sunday, 06 December 2015, in Ashville NC.

Stanford Haruo Kashima, 74

LAX Airport Operations
... departed west on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 in Orosi, California.   He was born in Huleia, Kauai, Hawaii.

Joe Hilly

TWA LAX Employee
Labor Relations Lawyer
... departed west:
Friday, 23 October 2015

John Robinson, 85

LAX Reservation Agent
... departed west on Saturday, 10 October 2015 at home in Las Vegas after a long illness.  

Shirley Wyatt

LAX Reservation Agent
... departed west on Wednesday 10 June, 2015, in her home town of Minneapolis.  

Gordon Heath

30 Year LAX TWA Employee
... departed west, March 2015

Ellie Torres, 92

LAX Reservation Agent
... departed west Januaru 2015.
Ellie was living with her daughter in West Palm Beach.

Alan Dash

LAX Reservation Agent
... departed west, January 2015.   Alan was living in Idaho at the time of his departure.

Evelyn Karin

LAX Reservation Agent
... lost her battle with Alzheimers on 07 January 2015.

26 DEC 2019