Joan Burd, President

Our mission is to keep TWA's spirit and friendships alive. 


We are a local group of retirees and past employees, 

plus our spouses and children.  Everyone who provided the ...

Luxury In Air Travel That Was T W A ... Trans World Airlines

Come Join Us

LAX Res Office Reunion

     The 17th Annual Reservation Agent Get-Together was a complete success on 20 September at the estate of Joan & Norm Burd.   To view the photos taken by Roseann Ruiz, click on her photo below.

TWA Res Reunion 2014

New 787 Dreamliner For AA

     The first Boeing Dreamliner for American Airlines is in the final production stage.   View the details .. Click HERE.

Club Wine & Cheese Event

Club Get Together .. 15 October

     Hope everyone has their plans set to attend the club's social event at the Flight Path Museum.   The place is large, with rooms of nostalgia, and views of departing and arriving aircraft.   Click HERE for the latest information.

New, Off Airport, Branch

American Airlines Credit Union

El Segundo Branch
300 N. Continental Blvd.
Suite 120
El Segundo, CA 90245
(424) 220-3200
Hours: Mon - Fri, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

TWA's Computer System 25% Public

     TWA's powerful computer system is still alive and the current owner Travelport has just made available 25% of the company thru the New York Stock Exchange.


     Travelport is the largest provider of travel booking communication for most of those selling travel via the internet.   When you book online travel thru Orbitz, or Expedia, or Priceline, or Hotels dot com, or Cheap Tickets dot com, or the Auto Club, or Hotwire etc .. those systems use Travelport for availability and booking transactions.  


     Travelport has 20% of all the travel booked by travel agents worldwide, and is the host system for the operations of many airlines .. Delta Air Lines being the largest customer.


     TWA's computer system has always been a powerful force within the travel booking and airline operation business.   Still a great system of a great airline.