Our mission is to keep TWA's spirit and friendships alive. 


We are a local group of retirees and past employees, 

plus our spouses and children.  Everyone who provided the ...

Luxury In Air Travel That Was T W A ... Trans World Airlines

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TWA SKYLINER ... September 1987


LAX Club Officer Positions Available

     We are still looking for a replacement for club officer retirees.   We still need a President and 1st Vice President.   The main duties are to arrange the club's get-togethers; by contacting facilities we usually do business with, or scouting out new locations.   The 1st VP is the leader of securing a few gift items that we use as door prices at our Luncheons.


     Just announced, our current treasurer, Mori Morrison would like to turn over the books to someone else.   Mori has been our treasurer for 11 years.   Besides handling all money in and out, this position requires that the treasurer also keep the data base on all members.   This position prepares the mailing envelopes (but not the newsletter) for the Newsletter's distribution, four times a year.


     The main retiree club, and all local branches, follow IRS guidlines as a non-profit organization.   And, we are not allowed to exist without a president and/or treasurer.   To insure that this club remains active we need someone located in the main Los Angeles area to be President (and arrange for local restaurants or banquet hall Luncheons) and a Treasurer.


     This is serious.   Our friendships are just too strong to allow all we enjoy with this club to disappear.

Cutover To One AA Reservation System   Has Started

     The U S Airways computer system will no longer process  reservations (or employee listings) for flights on Saturday, 17 October and beyond.   


     The process has begun for the AA computer system (Sabre) to handle all passenger activity.  


     It was fun, and interesting, using one system for AA flights and another system for US flights.  But, effective Saturday 17 October everything will be in one system.


     If you are now planning your travel for flights between today and Friday 16 October .. there will be no change on how you check availability, using the AA system for American Airlines and also using the US system for travel on U S Airways.


     If you are now planning your travel itinerary for flights departing on Saturday 17 October and beyond .. everything is in the AA system.  


     Jetnet will have a new name when both the AA and US computer system are merged; and, will combine the nice features of both systems.


AA To Begin Non-Stop LAX-SYD Service

     Effective 17 December 2015, AA will begin non-stop service from Los Angeles to Sydney using 777-300 aircraft.

AA Hub Airport Maps Available

     Traveling to, or connecting thru, an AA hub airport?


     If you would like to view the airport layout with gate numbers ... click: Airport Terminal Maps.