Our mission is to keep TWA's spirit and friendships alive. 


We are a local group of retirees and past employees, 

plus our spouses and children.  Everyone who provided the ...

Luxury In Air Travel That Was TWA ... Trans World Airlines


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TWA Remembers ... Flight 800 Disaster, On Its 20th Anniversary

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From Club Member:

Paul McDonnell ...






An old photo taken around 1966-1967, from left to right ... J J Kelly, John Drew, Jim McGann, Ralph Brandon and me Paul McDonnell, skin diving off Palos Verdes.   I am pretending to be stuck with a harpoon.   We all worked the Ticket Counter at that time.

From Club Member: Darwin Ufford


05 June

Photo of the TWA Hanger at LAX.  

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From Club Member: Sam Medina


20 June

Photo of the TWA Hanger at LAX.





The final photo.  With a Virgin America Airline's jet in the background, our hanger is now a pile of rubble.