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Kennedy Airport: October 1989

Destination: Depart:   Arrive: Flight:   Aircraft:
Amsterdam 7:45pm   8:45am 814   L-1011
Brussels 6:30pm   7:30pm 768   L-1011
Frankfurt 6:40pm   8:15am 740   B-747
Lisbon 8:30pm   9:05am 900   B-767
London 8:50am  


708   L-1011
  6:45pm   6:25am 702   B-747
  7:55pm   7:30am 700   B-747
Madrid 6:40pm   7:35am 904   B-747
Nassau 9:00am   12:00n 34   L-1011
Paris 6:25pm   7:25am 804   B-747
  8:05pm   9:05am 800   L-1011
Rome 6:40pm   8:50pm 840   B-747
San Juan 8:30am   1:07pm 12   L-1011
  3:00pm   7:40pm 14   L-1011
  7:55pm   12:35am 10   B-727
Stockholm 6:30pm   8:0aam 816   L-1011
Tel Aviv 8:20pm   1:35pm 884   B-747

     Thank You for selecting TWA for your flight to New York.  


     I now have you confirmed on TWA's Starstream Flight 840, non-stop Royal Ambassador First Class service from Los Angeles at 12:00 noon tomorrow.  


     Your luxourous 747 flight does feature the ultimate in air travel ... including adjustable lumbar support seating, multiple channel audio entertainment, a current movie selection, and best of all, the best dining in the sky.  


     Your dining choice, will be from our five speciality items menu.   Your dining experience is served on Rosenthal China, and includes Swedish Stemware and  Irish Linen.  


     Our award winning flight attendants will deliver the experience you have come to expect from the Luxury In Air Travel that is TWA, Trans World Airlines.  


     Your requested aisle seat is confirmed .. 1C


     Your flight arrives at our Flight Wing One terminal at JFK airport in New York at 8:15pm local time.  


     We sincerely thank you for selecting TWA.

19 January

LAX Airport Announces 3 Year Project

From The U S A Today Newspaper:

     More runway work is planned.   Some delays are expected.


     For the complete news article ... Click HERE.