Our mission is to keep TWA's spirit and friendships alive. 


We are a local group of retirees and past employees, 

plus our spouses and children.  Everyone who provided the ...

Luxury In Air Travel That Was T W A ... Trans World Airlines

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The Pain Of One Airline Is Felt By The Employees Of All Airlines

Flugbegleiter = Flight Attendant

German Wings Flight Attendants

Lufthansa & German Wings employees pause at the headquarters of both airlines to remember the crew and passengers of 4U-9525.

Update: Monday 23 March

LAX Spring Luncheon Was A Success

     The TWA Ambassadors LAX Irish themed Luncheon was

a success with the entire banquet room full with club members.   The SECOND SET of photos taken at this event is now online here.   From the LEFT list, click on LAX CLUB PHOTOS, then click on 10 MAR Luncheon. 

SAN Club Newsletter Now Available

     The San Diego TWA Ambassador Club is inviting all to attend their Spring Luncheon in Oceanside on Friday, 20 March.   Click on SAN CLUB EVENTS, then click on SPRING LUNCHEON for all the details.