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Our mission is to keep TWA's spirit and friendships alive. 


We are a local group of retirees and past employees, 

plus our spouses and children.  Everyone who provided the ...

Luxury In Air Travel That Was T W A ... Trans World Airlines

Come Join Us

New 787 Dreamliner For AA

     The first Boeing Dreamliner for American Airlines is in the final production stage.   View the details .. Click HERE.

LAX Terminal 1 To Get Remodeled

     The Southwest Airlines terminal at LAX will be getting a new look .. Click HERE for The Los Angeles Times article.

LAX Terminal 2 To Get Remodeled

     A complete new look is planned for LAX Terminal 2.   That should make travel in and out of that terminal quite an experience during all that construction.   Click HERE for the complete infomation and projected new looks.

Jetnet Successfully Updated ... Our Travel Priority Upgrade Is Now D2R


      It is now official .. Our travel priority classification has been upgraded to D2R. 


     To verify your change of status, go into your account in Jetnet, click on Retiree Travel, then click on Traveler Information.   Make sure your seniority date is correct (altho AA does not use this, other airlines do when traveling on OALs).


     Make sure your spouse also made the switch to D2R.  


     For those without a spouse ... register your domestic partner or yearly travel companion (these can be changed once a year). 


     Your parents now have pass authority (D2P).  Update the information for your parents now.


     You also have an allotment of Buddy Passes, update their information at the time you are listing them for flights. 

      Spouse, Domestic Partner or Travel Companion travel is the same as yours; however, check Jetnet for charges for Parent and Buddy Pass travel.


      U S Airways will maintain their own reservation system for about another year.   For travel on US, first access Jetnet, then Retiree Travel, then click on TRAVEL US.  All your travel info (including spouse, domestic partner or travel companion info was automatically transfered into the U S Airways' system).  There are instructional videos within TRAVEL US .. view them all.


     List all US travel on the US travel computer system.   Priority Listing and Buddy Passes will not be available on U S Airways until next summer.

    Please access the first PDF file for the original announcement from American Airlines.   Altho the boarding priority for U S Airways is the same as AA, US will use different codes than AA, as explained in the PDF File.

     Please access the second PDF file for the letter sent to all TWR retirees that welcome us to the new travel policy.   You should have already received this in the mail.   If you did not, you probably don't have access to Jetnet either.   You can find addresses and phone numbers from the TRAVEL BENEFITS area of this website for American Airlines.  

AA Announces D2R Date.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [33.8 KB]
AA Letter To TWRs Now D2Rs..pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [116.1 KB]

Also, click HERE for more information.

LAX Res Office Reunion

     The 17th Annual Reservation Agent Get-Together is scheduled for Saturday, 20 September .. again at the home of Joan & Norm Burd in Manhattan Beach.   Just like last year, the event is free; but, all are asked to bring a pot-luck food item.


     Click HERE for the web page with more information.   Within that page will be a link to the formal invitation.   Please RSVP before the requested deadline.

Two Flight Path Museum Events ...... One Of Them Is Ours

Non Club Event .. All Club Members Invited .. 01 October

     This year's  Annual Fundrasing Event will be held at the Proud Bird Resaurant adjacent to the Los Angeles airport.   Click on the below PDF File for complete information.

Flight Path Museum Annual Fund Raising I[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [226.7 KB]

Club Get Together .. 15 October

     Hope everyone has their plans set to attend the club's social event at the Flight Path Museum.   The place is large, with rooms of nostalgia, and views of departing and arriving aircraft.   Click HERE for the latest information.

New, Off Airport, Branch

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