Our mission is to keep TWA's spirit and friendships alive. 


We are a local group of retirees and past employees, 

plus our spouses and children.  Everyone who provided the ...

Luxury In Air Travel That Was TWA ... Trans World Airlines


Come Join Us

Reservation Deadline: September 16

Our Club's Annual Meeting (AGM)

TWA Hotel, JFK Airport


Its been almost two decades since any of us have been inside this marvel of architecture.   We are hoping that every club member will be in attendance.   Click HERE to visit the International Club's website for the information.


This trip is typical New York City where everything is a little pricy; but the attention to detail is overwhelming and it is quite worth the cost.

New Addition To The Displays At The

TWA Museum In Kansas City


The Lockheed Junior Electra 12-A


Click HERE For The Facinating Details.