Our mission is to keep TWA's spirit and friendships alive. 


We are a local group of retirees and past employees, 

plus our spouses and children.  Everyone who provided the ...

Luxury In Air Travel That Was TWA ... Trans World Airlines


Come Join Us

Holiday Luncheon Photographs

     Our Christmas Luncheon at the Doubletree Hotel in Torrance was a great success (thanks to you).   Photos are now available using a new photo display website that I think that you will like.  


Click HERE

Follow The Voyages Of Aircraft N915NN

     The American Airlines 737 displaying the TWA livery may be over the skies, or at an airport, near you.   Click on the below link.  

     The first thing that is displayed is the current status, such as "taxiing for takeoff", or "enroute", or "delayed".  All that info is self explanatory.  

     Under that information is the current route map that follows that above information you just read.

     Scrolling down, all the future, current, and past flight times are shown.   The information highlighted in Yellow is the current or next trip.   Read up from the Yellow area for future trips.   For past flights, scroll to the bottom and read going up.


Enjoy ... Click HERE.