Our mission is to keep TWA's spirit and friendships alive. 


We are a local group of retirees and past employees, 

plus our spouses and children.  Everyone who provided the ...

Luxury In Air Travel That Was T W A ... Trans World Airlines

Come Join Us

Joan Burd, President

      Christmas is on the way and you can get in the holiday mood by coming to our Christmas Luncheon on MONDAY Dec7th.    We will celebrate the end of another year in the Grand Ballroom of the Torrance DoubleTree Hotel.   There will be great friends, good food and drinks, beautiful atmosphere, wonderful door prizes and centerpieces too good to miss, two money wreaths, a 50/50 drawing and the return of special guests, Manny and Linda Cantone and their Photo Booth.   Those of you who got pictures a couple of years ago will remember how much fun it was.   (We still have ours).   It's the Club's treat!!   Then there is the beautiful tree where you can take pics of you and your friends.   Holiday/Christmas cards anyone????

     We will start the festivities at 11AM with the cocktail hour, so make sure you're there, checked-in and then select your table so you can sit with friends.   Don't hold places for people unless you are sure they are coming.

     Most importantly, please remember to bring any new hotel Travel Toiletries you may have acquired in your travels.   You don' have to go out and buy any, just make sure your donations are new and unused!!!    Also this year, with the impending cold, wet weather, we are collecting any Warm Coats or Jackets you may no longer need.   They will be donated to charitable organizations and skid row missions to be given to those less fortunate.   Please make sure they are clean and in good condition!!

     If you wish to receive the next Skyliner due out in January, you will need to pay your National Dues ASAP.     To assure you receive it, you should pay by Dec 1st ... which is fast approaching.   The dues are $15 per year and the form is in your last Skyliner or on our website ... www.laxtw.org.

     As an FYI ... the TWA Seniors Club (National Group) was to hold the AGM (Annual General Meeting) on board the Regal Princess April 3-10th but due to lack of participation, it will be cancelled.   After talking with President Fran Daino she will announce this soon.    Any reservation deposits will be refunded. 

   This highlights a sad and systemwide problem which is definitely affecting our Chapter ... and that is apathy and lack of participation in helping to keep the Chapter alive.    We are facing having to dissolve because we can't find a Treasurer or full-time President.    Is there anyone out there who can or is willing to volunteer to help???     We are all facing the problem of aging in our membership and we are all having declining health and family situations.   Many members volunteer elsewhere but there must be a little time to keep the TWA legacy alive!   Just saying!

Hoping to see you on the 7th!


TWA KC Museum's Santa's Wishlist

Regarding TWA's Legacy:


     The TWA museum has published a wish-list in their monthly Newsletter.   Here are some items they would love to locate and hopefully some of you can help.


Captain's Hat w/Pin
Early F/A Uniforms from 1930's to 1960's
F/A Wings from All Eras
Ralph Lauren F/A  Maternity Uniforms
Ambassador Magazines
Early Annual Reports
Blue Chip Dress and Matching Jacket
Early Skyliner Newsletters:

       1930's, 1940's 1950's 1960's

       1990 Vol 54- #'s 1,2,6,7,8,10,12;

       1991 Vol 55-#'s 2 & 6;

       1992 Vol 56- #'s 2, 4 and 11,
       2000 Vol 66- #11.


Any documents or letters pertaining to early TWA History and to founders Frye, Richter and Hamilton.

Great need of Teacher's Manuals or instructions on how to use the operator's panel in posing problems to student pilots on early training boards currently in the Ed Center at the Museum.


Copies of Manuals also needed.


For more Museum information, from the Left Column, click


LAX AA In Two Separate Terminals

     The world's largest airline, is now too large for just one terminal at Los Angeles International.   AA has always been in Terminal 4; but now you will find some American flights over in Terminal 6 (the gates used by U S Airways).  


     Although, just like DFW airport, you can check in at any AA terminal ... but, its best to check in your luggage at the terminal your flight is using.  


     Before security ... you can go outside and walk between buildings; or inside security ... you can use a free connection bus, or use the underground tunnel.  


     Baggage Claim is on the lower level of both terminals.


     American Eagle service is in another terminal accessable only by connection bus inside security.   So, actually, the headline above should say "Three Separate Terminals"