Travel Benefits


Domestic & International travel is available on an unlimited stand-by basis.   All seating is free, so list yourself in First Class.   Overseas travel is still subject to government inbound taxes when flying into the USA.


This policy also has benefits for your Spouse (SP), or your Domestic Partner (DP) or your designated Travel Companion (TC).  There is a separate policy for Parents, Dependent Children, and Buddy Passes.  


Everyone (mentioned above) must have a profile created in, with information needed by American and also TSA Airport Security personnel.   During "flight listing" those individuals will appear on a "drop down list".   Just click on the name, and the needed information will move into the listing.  The listing creates a Passenger Name Record (PNR) with your itinerary's Confirmation Number (Record Locator).


     All retirees are eligible for:

D1   Retiree Top Priority: One Way Trips
    Six for you
    Six for your SP or DP or TC
D2R   Retiree Regular Priority: Unlimited
    Includes SP, or DP, or TC
D2P   Parents Regular Priority: Unlimited
    D2 service charges are in Jetnet
    Also, these charges appear within the listing PNR
    Two Parents From Retiree or SP
    Travel as D2R if listed in the same PNR with D2R
    Credit Card needed for Listing Finialization
    No charges made until the passenger is inflight.
D3   Buddy Passes: Eight One Way Trips
    D3 service charges are in Jetnet
    Also, these charges appear within the listing PNR
    If travel with you .. 2 PNRS automatically created.

Buddy pass users can travel independently.

    Credit Card needed for Listing Finialization.
    No charges made until the passenger is inflight.
A9   All Employee/Retiree Emergency: Unlimited
    Positive Space for you and SP or DP or TC
    All arrangements are via: 1-800-756-4882
    Spouses (SP):
    Can be changed anytime by copy of new Marriage
    License given to Human Resources.
    Partners (DP), Companions (TC), and Parents:
    Can be changed by you after one year of entry.
    Partners (DP) and Companions (TC)
    Since DPs and TCs pay no AA service charge,
    the IRS states the trip value must be considered as
    revenue to Employee/Retiree.   An IRS W2 form will
    be mailed to you each year with the total of trip
    values used.   Since Parents and Buddy Passes
    do pay service charges that are higher than the
    trip value, there is no IRS reporting.

     AA does provide a wonderful travel program to retirees, including interline agreements with 70 other airlines for our use. 


     AA has over 200 flights a day from Los Angeles, Orange County, Ontario, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Burbank and Palm Springs.  


Check online at for schedules and availability, plus flight listing.  


       The new American Airlines has:

216   Departures From Los Angeles  

  Departures From San Diego


  Departures From Orange County


  Departures From Palm Springs


  Departures From Ontario


  Departures From Long Beach


  Departures From Burbank


     Scroll up to the top of this page, then from the column on the left, select FLIGHT ITINERARY VIA INTERNET for more information.

Airline Retirees' Pass Bureau (ARPB)


     If you were with TWA for over 10 years, are over age 50, and collecting (or elibible to collect) benefits from the TWA Retiree Plan, handled thru the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), but retired past the AA flight benefits cutoff deadline ... There is good news.


     This service is now part of the Worldwide ZED (Zone Employee Discount) program that provides airline travel passes to ex-employees meeting the above requirement.   There are many airlines in this program.  


     The Airline Retirees Pass Bureau (ARPB) was actually begun years ago by TWA, offering TW passes to EA, PA, and BN retirees, who lost benefits when their airline shut down.


     The service later became privately operated, and they greatly enlarged the benefits and also those covered.   Retirees, and their spouses or companions, of any airline, that is no longer in operation, are eligible to take part in this great way to travel at low prices.


     The concept, graciously offered by TW to others, has now come back, full circle.   There are many airlines in this program, that include travel for you and a companion traveling together; and some programs for parents traveling without the airline retiree.


The program is processed by:


Dan Blyth

Airline Retiree Pass Bureau

1450 Lincoln Road, Suite 909

Miami, FL 33139





MTS Travel Agency

8024 Glenwood Avenue

Raleigh, NC 27612


Visit their web site for complete details.