The above internet address is for the retiree version of Jetnet.   Jetnet is the name of AA's internet system for active and retired employees.  You must be set up, in advance, to access this system.   If you are entitled to any AA benefit, you should already have access authorization, which is your AA Employee Number.   Your letter from Human Resources also contained your "first time login" password that you must change to something unique to you.  




U S Mail: P O Box 619616

Dallas Fort Worth Airport, TX 75261-9616


     Jetnet requires that you change your password frequently.    If you do not use the system within one calendar year, you are dropped from Jetnet, and need to be reinstated at the above address.    You do not have to use Jetnet; but, it is an excellent source of AA news and AA flight schedules, availability and costs.    You can always use the telephone numbers listed on the next topic here.    Your pass benefits are always in force.  


     Jetnet is available from any smart phone and cell phone with internet access.  There are "easy menu employee apps" for all phone makes.    For Apple phones and pads, get your free apps from a link on Jetnet.  For all other smart phones, go to

Air Transportation

     Domestic and international travel is free.   On international trips, you do have to pay government departure taxes.   Return travel back to the US usually has higher departure taxes, so don't assume your outbound international flights will just double for round-trips.