A A Flight Itinerary Listing

Make or Change: AA or OAL PNR

     If you don't have internet access to JETNET (the AA web site for both active employees and all retirees) then you can use the below phone number.   Calls go to the next available agent in any one of AA's call centers.   Please conduct all your business in one phone call, because if you call back, you will probably be connected to another city and definately not the same reservation agent.


     Write down your PNR's File Address (6 letters, no numbers) as agents can not display your listing just by a flight number and your name.   This "record locator -- confirmation number" is needed to expedite your pre-flight and in-airport processing.   This code has no berring on any refund request.   The numbers on your boarding pass or paper ticket are required for refund processing.


1-800-WE-FLY-AA extension 3


     All OAL travel is by electronic ticketing.   If not paying by Credit Card .. take the File Address to any AA ticketing location and pay for the ticket.   As with ticketing during the TWA days, try to avoid busy times at these ticketing locations. 


     Add the above phone number to your cell phone, now!   Things can happen while you are enroute, and having the File Address is needed for listing changes.

Emergency A9 Pass Classification

     The pass program includes positive space transport for verifiable emergencys.  




     This number can also be used if you are unable to connect thru the regular 800 number (WE FLY AA) and need immediate help.