Jobs At TWA

Paul Ellmore, webmaster

     It's now time for this website to highlight the actual jobs at Trans World Airlines, and give an insite to what skills were required, and resources available, to have each aircraft go ... Up Up And Away.

     I need every LAXTW Ambassador to search for photos or slides of: forms, manual covers, testing equipment, procedure check lists, LAXTW'ers at the job .. 


Yes .. that includes photos of you,

when you were thinner and had more hair !


     Photos from non-LAXTW'ers are also welcome, with full acknowledgement when posted here.


     I'm going to start with RESERVATIONS, since I am from that department, and have enough material to bring back memories for Reservations, Ticket Office, and Airport agents to reminisce.   This section will be expanding as I receive other Reservation memoribilia from TWA'ers.  

     Click on the word RESERVATIONS at left.