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Holiday Luncheon, 05 December 2023

For photos of this event, Click HERE.


New camera. Old photographer.  Me.


Must have pushed a button that made photos out of focus, so appologies to those Ambassadors whos image may not be as crystal clear as all would like.

Summer Luncheon, 08 August 2023

For photos of this event, Click HERE.

Christmas Luncheon, 06 December 2022

And again we returned to a popular venue in Long Beach.   This location is the only place found that can accommodate150 people with adequate chef and server staff.


For photos of this event, Click HERE

Summer Luncheon, 09 August 2022

We returned to the venue of our Holiday 2021 Luncheon for a great Luncheon with 110 people attending.


The Grand is still the only place we can find that has a full chef and server staff available for over 150 guests.


For Photos of this Event:  Click HERE.

Holiday Luncheon, 07 December 2021

Our only event of 2021 was our Holiday Luncheon at the Grand Event Center in Long beach.  We had 110 fellow Ambassadors attended.   This year was different as we sang the songs of two different advertizing campaigns .. Up Up & Away, and also A Taste Of Europe.   We will do it again at our Holiday Luncheon 2022.


To view photos of the event ... click HERE.


This luncheon was MC'd by webmaster Paul Ellmore as our president, Mary Christine, was undergoing emergency Appendix removal at the same time.      

Spring Luncheon, 10 March 2020

We returned to North Orange County for our St Patrick's Day themed Spring Luncheon.   We packed the place, as usual, and everyone had a great time with the memories of TWA.


A little hard to move around with so many people, but photos were captured of almost all.   Apologies to those who's image was not captured.


To view photos of the event ... Click HERE