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Welcome to the web pages of TWA Ambassadors Los Angeles.


     Thank You for your continued support for 2022.  


     As soon as restaurants open up for large groups, we will schedule our next Luncheon.   We hope that event is convienent for you.   If you are a paid member, you will get the current Newsletter automatically.   For those thinking of joining, please Click on the link below for an application.   Your $12 yearly membership (which includes your spouse or companion) helps provide the funds needed for our Newsletter's print version for those who don't have computer access.   View past Newsletters to see if you recognize a past co-worker, then join everyone at a Luncheon to renew old friendships.


Click on the left column NEWSLETTERS to view past issues.


     There will be no dues requested for 2021.   If you were a 2020 member, you are automatically a 2021 member.


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2021 Club Officers Re-Elected For 2022