Paul Ellmore, webmaster

Memories Needed For This Website

The goals of this website are:


(1) Communication of upcoming club events.

(2) Sharing of memories.


I'm hoping to get:


For the NOSTALGIA area ..

Anything that falls under the TABS on the left menu.


For the FROM OUR MEMBERS area ..

Stories, photos or slides, from fellow LAX or SAN Ambassadors about their career with TWA.   


For the CAREERS area ..

General photos or slides of different LAX work areas thru-out our 75 year history.


For the FROM OUR MEMBERS area ..

Anything you think the club would be interested in viewing and reading, including photos, with narative, of a recent cruise or vacation.

Print Photographs

     You can scan them into your computer as a .jpg image, and then send as an e-mail attachment.


     You can give them to me at the next luncheon, I will scan them, and then return the photos to you.

Digital Photographs

     If they are already in your computer, just attach within an e-mail.


     If they are still in your digital camera; but, you need to know how to get them into your computer, then read my suggestions here.

When you CLICK on LINKs to enter websites;

Most internet browsing programs will open a new TAB. 

Your open TABs go across your computer screen,

at the top, or near the top.  CLICK on the NAME inside the TAB to move from one open website to another.


Our TAB say: TWA Ambassadors LAX


Click on one of the NOSTALGIA topics within the Left Column.