Lucien Samaha, International Flight Attendant

Lucien has created his own website ... click HERE, and also there was a recent article in the London Mail newspaper about his website (duplicating some photos) ... click HERE.   Newspaper links usually stay active for three weeks.   Previous Flight Attendants (and everyone else) will enjoy the photos and print dialog.

Jon Proctor

Jon created his own website.   Here he tells the world about his career with TWA (and for a short spell, with Pan Am).  


     Within his recollections are the names of several TWA Ambassadors LAX club members.   The job descriptions of being an Airport Customer Service Agent and also an onboard Director of Customer Service are so detailed that you will enjoy reading them again for a second time.   His photos of LAX Terminal 3 are many and will bring back good memories.  


     From his web site's HOME page, click on AN AIRLINE CAREER, and start with the first topic from the drop down list.   Once you have read all those features, then explore the other options from the home page ......... but, go to AN AIRLINE CAREER first.


     Click HERE to read.