Other Airline Pass Usage

ZED .. Zone Employee Discount

     All AA Retirees are eligible for reduced rate transportation on 70 airlines.   For schedules, listing and actual cost including taxes ... first access Jetnet, then click on myIDTravel.   Fill out the form with desired airline and date, and the fare result will be displayed.   Stop there and exit; or, if you really want the tickets issued, continue to the next step.


     If you just want a general quote now, use the below list of mileage charges as a guide.   Every year these amounts are reviewed by those 70 airlines, and can change due to costs and inflation.  


     The below list is for LOW SEASON, and is used year round by the airlines of the oneworld alliance, of which AA was a founding member.   Other airlines have another list for SPRING and AUTUMN, and another list for HIGH SEASON.  


     There is a $3 processing fee; but, there is no processing fee to cancel and get your complete airfare refunded.   All processing is via electronic ticketing, so be sure to write down your confirmation numbers, especially for check-in with your luggage at the airport.


     ZED travel is via "coach class" only.  However, just like traveling on AA, travel by Jet Blue and Alaska is "first class" if space in that section is available.  


     ZED fares are mileage based on every boarding and deplanement.   A trip from LAX-LON-IST requires two coupons with two amounts charged.   If you do not make the connecting flight, the refund process is simple.


     For refunds, go back in Jetnet, myIDTravel, and display your confirmation, then cancel.

Mileage: Cost:
0001-0450      $   35
0451-0750 $   40
0751-1600 $   50
1601-3200 $   60
3201-4080 $   68
4081-5000 $   76
5001-6100 $   83
6101-9999 $ 111

     Don't forget to add on all the taxes of airports and government agencies.