AA Charges and Refunds

General Questions:

If you have questions regarding retiree travel, write to:


U S Mail:

American Airlines, Inc. Retiree Travel, MD 5141,

P.O. Box 619616, DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616



Employee Services at (800) 447-2000





Charges: American Airlines

     For the retiree and spouse /registered domestic partner /registered travel companion: there is no charge for system wide travel in all classes of service .. period.   From international destinations to the US, you will be billed for all government taxes.


     Your parents and buddy pass travelers do pay for travel in all classes of service.   There is a separate cost list for each classification. 


     Payment if required: will automatically be asked for, by credit card, when making the PNR listing.   You can store a permanent credit card for easy access on all future listings; or, you can enter the credit card each time.   No charges are made until the actual flight is used.   Charges are per leg of the trip.   (Connecting thru a city to your destination, round trip, will have four separate charges on the selected credit card.)  


     If you feel an error has occured ... NRSA Refunds can be contacted by either of the following methods:


U.S. Mail:

American Airlines

P.O. Box 58-2859 MD 765

Tulsa, OK 74158-2859




Switching Planes Overseas

International Connections Between Airlines

D2R to D2RT

     If you are making an 'airline-to-airline' connection overseas, be sure everyone at each airline knows you are a 'thru' passenger.   Departure 'national taxes' do not apply, altho 'airport charges' do apply ... including, if you have to retrieve and transfer your own luggage between airlines.   


     American Airlines does not fly between any international city pair.   Their schedule is only to-and-from the USA, nonstop.   So, connecting to AA to the USA requires you to inform every AA agent that you are a 'thru passenger.'   They will change Jetnet (SABRE) to show your status from D2R to D2RT.   Show your inbound boarding pass for proof.   This will (1) place you ahead of all D2R travellers orginating in that city, and (2) stop any local boarding country 'national taxes.'