Webmaster's Notes


Paul Ellmore

     The spam e-mailers have discovered the paul@laxtw.org address, so I've changed it to the new address above.   If any thing is sent to that old address, it will bounce back to the sender.   Once I become swamped with spam from this new address, I will again change it.


     Also, from years past, someone captured all the e-mail addresses from my SENT file.   Every three or four months many of you have been getting e-mails asking you to look at various web sites.   These e-mails are not from me and just delete them.   If the Title of the e-mail does not contain club information, its not from me.  


     I do not have address books in my Yahoo or Gmail e-mail accounts.   I change my password frequently to make sure no-one can access my SENT folder.   All your past junk mail from me was when someone obviously hacked my system, years ago.   This time, someone opened up an e-mail system in my name with HOTMAIL.COM (so that's another clue that its not from me.)   Yahoo and Gmail are obviously doing a great job of making sure no-one can hack my system.  

PDF File Downloads:

    This website uses many Portable Document Files (PDF) for you to view.   We use PDFs to show you past newsletters, club membership application forms, copies of club or TWA museum advertising, and photo copies of past newspaper articles.


    When you click on a PDF Icon, some internet access programs will ask you if you would like to view the PDF or save it to a file (somewhere inside your computer). 


    The most common internet access programs are Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Netscape and Firefox.


    Firefox just downloads to your Downloads File, and you have to go to the uppermost right corner of your screen and click on the Down Arrow.   From that drop down list, again click on the PDF File that you want to see.