Airport Terminal Maps

     Traveling to, or connecting thru, an AA hub airport?


     If you would like to view the airport layout with gate numbers ... click: Airport Terminal Maps.



Passport, Credit Cards & Check Book Security

     Read this document for a reminder of things to do to keep your personal ID information secure.   This over-view was written by an attorney.

Adobe Acrobat document [34.7 KB]

Packing List

     Display and print (Ctrl+P) a list of suggested items you might want to take on your next vacation.

Packing List.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [865.2 KB]

Passport Processing

     To get an orginal passport, or to renew an existing passport, your nearest postoffice might be the most convienent processing center.   Processing everything thru the mail only, is a little less expensive, but dealing with a passport professional at the post office insures that there are no errors.   This saves mailing times and the fewer areas of having your passport lost. 


     New passports are $135 and renewals are $110. 


     Click on the below U S Post Office link to open another tab within your Internet Browser:


     Once inside this post office web site:


     Click on the blue LOCATOR link.   Put in your address, and the system will respond with the 5 nearest locations.


     Then click your computer's upper-left most arrow to return to the previous Post Office page for:


     Scroll down to find the COMPLETE BY HAND button, click and then print the form.

Bring back a small international souvenir

to be given as one of our Luncheon's door prizes.  

Your name will be mentioned as one of

that Luncheon's door prize suppliers.  

Also, for the PHOTO GALLERY of this web site,

send the webmaster some of your photographs,

along with a narative of the countries you

visited, and the contents of each photo.

Newspaper Viewing .. Home & Away

     If you would like to see the front page of newspapers, at your travel destinations, then .. The Washington DC Journalism Museum, the NEWSEUM, has a feature that does that.


     The initial display is a map of the US East Coast, with Orange Dots representing cities where the local newspaper is part of this display feature.  Click on the arrows to move up or down.   Click on the plus key to zoom into an area that has many dots to get a better view of available newspapers.   Move your mouse over a dot, and the front page appears, click again for full screen viewing.   The orange letters above the map let you select other areas in the world.  When viewing the front page in full screen, look for the word WEBSITE near the top.  Clicking that word will take you into that particular newspaper website to view the entire newspaper.  


     Note: The "Stars and Stripes" military oriented newspaper can be found in the SW corner of Germany.


     Most of our local LAX newspapers are part of the expanding number of choices.   While you're away, type these direct www addresses, into any available computer, for fast entry.

Los Angeles Times
Torrance Daily Breeze

Van Nuys Daily News
Orange County Register
San Bernadino Sun
Palm Springs Sun
Redlands Daily Facts
Long Beach Press Telegram