Before Computers

     Our first reservation system consisted of each station keeping the inventory of each of their departures.   Messages needed to be sent, for seat confirmation, to each downline city for any flight that made stops before the customer's final destination.


     Then in 1947, a centralized reservations center in Kansas City was opened, promising a response time of ten minutes to all teletype requests for all seats system-wide.


     Also .. Each reservation office was sent a flight status message for a flight that was no longer eligible for Free Sale, and that office's logs or "Big Boards" were updated accordingly.

     The following pages are captures from the Skyliner.


     I need everyone to search for memoribilia, especially photos of "The Big Board" and, hopefully, there will be photos of our local club's members within those photos. 


     But overall, I would like to put here, photos and stories of anyone doing the Reservation job.

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