The New Computer: IBM PARS

     In the very early 1970s, TWA upgraded to the IBM PARS system, and re-named our purchase as TWA PARS.  Very basic, at first, with enhancements being made on a monthly basis.


     First came Tariff Displays, Air Schedules and Reservations, then Pricing, followed by Ticket Issuance, Seat Selections and Boarding Passes.   Soon PARS did all airport functions, including Aircraft and Crew Scheduling.   


     The information in many manuals was now instantly available: Baggage Charges, Pet Acceptance, Unaccompanied Children Policy, Meal Menus, Personal Oxygen Requirements, Wheelchair Carriage, Passports and Foreign Visa Requirements, Ambassador Club Locations, Ticket Office Locations, Lost and Found Phone Numbers, Paging Phone Numbers, Airport Handicap Accesability, and Airport Features.

Schedules & Availability .... Fares & Fare Rules

Fares And Rules Could Also Be Displayed Between Any Dates, Giving Agents The Capability Of Discussing All Fare Options. Rule Display For The First Fare Shown Is Below.

The Completed Reservation:

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