Activity Volunteers

     These members preform many valuable functions to make our events a success.   Their activities include pre/post luncheon requirements, and newsletter mail processing.

Alphabetical Order By First Name

Barbara Jewell

     Event Coordinator


     Spouse of Richard Jewell

          Past Vice President

Betty Merritt

     Song Leader

Joan Burd

     Past President

     Event Coordinator

Linda Kozachenko

     Event Coordinator


     Spouse of Elvin Kozachenko

          Vice President

Norm Burd

     Event Coordinator

Paul Ellmore




     LAX Reservations

     LAX Automation

Ted Engelbert

     Event Coordinator


     LAX Baggage

     LAX Terminal Activies

     LAX Crew Scheduling

     LAX Inflight Supervisor

     LAX Reservations

     LAX Freight